Director's Message

We are citizen of a time when education is advancing faster than we could have ever imagined. To survive, we need to acquire a modern education and develop a foresight, both of which will help us define our own space & goal in the professional world. Simultaneously, with emerging technologies, new means & philosophies of communication are all making forays into our world.

In the post-liberalization era, globalization has become an integral part of Indian business posing new challenges & threats. A.N.D.C.P has been continuously upgrading its courses & facilities to provide need based knowledge which is essential for the development of cutting edge education to promote the cause of nation building.

Our emphasis on communication skills of our students, whether they participate in academic activities or in co-curricular activities. Students of A.N.D.C.P will not just emerge as complete professionals, but also as complete human being. I wish the college all success in its renewed & dedicated contribution towards academic excellence.