Manger's Shri Vijay Kumar Pandey

From the Cliairman’s Desk –The was established in 1997 with an aim to provide technical education to students of Uttar Pradesh. Keeping this view in mind, diploma in pharmacy course was started in the initial phase and later degree course was introduced in 2002. It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction that the institute has achieved highest standards in pharmacy education leading to the approval of P.C.I. & A.l.C.T.E. The competent and dedicated faculties and highly equipped labs with its sophistications is a matter c: legitimate pride for all the wings of the institute. We are determined to constantly maintain our lead in quality education and enrich it at every available opportunity. We are determined to shape the institute into an ideal center for learning, intellectual and research activities. The founder of the institute and my father pt. Shukhpal Pandey was dedicated to the cause of education, rapid growth of “the institute and all over development of the students. We are trying to go ahead with his dreams and are very sure that we will get the desired success.